Campus Lockdown & Access Solutions from C and R Services

  • High security access solutions & lockdown activated by the server or from an individual access lock
  • Scalable by door, area, building or across a campus of buildings, new & legacy
  • Real-time global lockdown or unlock in under 10 seconds
  • Lock down offices & classrooms from safely inside
  • Deploy wireless networked access locks in under an hour, a door at a time
  • Save Time in Emergency- Generate In-list/muster reporting to know who was and is in building
  • Manage on-premises or remotely via web client or smart device– Control access, privileges, locks and doors, by time schedule, exception, etc.
  • All-Enterprise solutions control alarms, video, locking, doors, elevators & access within one interoperable multilingual platform
  • Dynamic map control – Pinpoint alarms & activity and enable direct control of doors, cameras, etc. with live on-screen facility maps
  • Comprehensive Visitor Management System with live “Watch-List” Integration
  • Man-Traps can contain activity or persons within a specific area
  • Multiphase Threat-level management and groups -Enables administrators to more quickly react to present threats, by instantly deactivating  access by ID or groups or departments
  • New! Teacher/Administrator Lock-Down & Notification School Alert App for Smart Phones – interfaces with CA3000 Access System, PA/Intercom & First Responders
  • Lowest Acquisition & Maintenance Costs; Longest Warranties

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

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